The Modern, Medtech Sales Playbook

Tags: Product Launch, Sales Enablement, Sales Playbook, Strategic Development, Strategy

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Launch as a Leader

Assembling a virtual team spanning multiple partners in several countries to establish and execute an integrated marketing plan and activities to drive new product awareness.

Tags: Event Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Product Launch, Public Relations, Social Media

Omni-Channel Marketing

The Challenge

A 150-year-old global chemical and advanced materials company with over €10B in annual revenue was ready to introduce a new, biocompatible polymer material into a medtech market. This company had spent several years strategizing, developing relationships and putting together a robust plan to launch at several key meetings in the U.S. and EU markets. The challenge before them was to launch like a leader into a market that was not aware of their company or their product.

The Solution

Pointward assembled a virtual team that spanned multiple partners in several countries to put in place an integrated plan that coordinated public relations, advertising, social media and trade show activities to drive high levels of awareness not only at the targeted trade shows, but also in international media.

The Results

Pointward was able to drive several in-person editorial interviews with publishers that resulted in 44 articles and several video features that appeared on relevant social media outlets before, during and after the trade shows with an estimated reach of 3.1 million. The accompanying social media campaign was executed over a six-week period and resulted in 3.2 million impressions with a reach of 2.5 million. In addition, there were over 160,000 complete video views.

3,268,242 Impressions

2.5M Reach

46,162 Engagement

160,888 Videos Viewed To Completion

"This project began with a very ambitious launch objective. We have not only achieved this, but a whole lot more!"
Director, Strategy & Marketing

Build Momentum; Regain Market Leadership

Aligning teams to gain insights into previously unidentified opportunities in regaining market share and creating a multi-year action plan for a new product launch.

Tags: Get-to-Market, Strategic Development

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Modern Approach to Physician and Patient Engagement

Conducting multi-audience and environment research to create world-class training and education digital tools.

Tags: Digital Solutions, Patient Education, Physician Support

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Customer Insights and Positioning

Tags: Customer Journey Mapping, Key Messaging, Positioning, Sales Enablement, Strategy

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