Conducting multi-audience and environment research to create world-class training and education digital tools.

Education & Advocacy Engagement

The Challenge

A global medical technology company whose brand was built on providing innovative, world-class solutions to the market was at a pivotal point in understanding how to evolve their physician training and patient resources.

One of their most widely adopted physician resources was a comprehensive manual on human anatomy, disease state and treatment options. Physicians found the manual to be an instrumental tool in their patient interactions. Over time, the costs for our customer to print and distribute this manual was becoming a barrier. In addition, version control across multiple geographies had become extremely cumbersome.

The Solution

Pointward approached this initiative by performing a full analysis of the audience and the current environment in which the resource was being used. In addition, a complete audit of the existing materials, coupled with a thorough requirements gathering session allowed Pointward to strategize a new, more modern approach to this deliverable. The insights gathered allowed our customer to confidently move forward with the development of a digital application that could be easily distributed on a global scale and allow for real-time updates when necessary.

The Results

Within the first month of the application’s launch, the number of downloads far exceeded our customer’s expectations. Statistics available through iTunes provided additional information regarding adoption, usage and geographic penetration. The feedback from physician users was favorable, garnering a 4.5 out of 5 stars for the application’s functionality and intuitive design. Ultimately the application was named one to the “Top 10 iPad Apps for Healthcare Professionals” by Top Master’s Healthcare Administration.

“This application provides an invaluable resource to healthcare providers who want to educate their patients about heart conditions the moment their patients have questions.”






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