Sales Enablement

The Challenge

A well-established medical technology company was seeking to increase utilization of its procedure. Although their surgical device was installed in many healthcare facilities across the country, the procedure was not being performed at expected levels due to the lack of awareness of the technology and the potential patient benefits among referring physicians.

In addition to the awareness challenges with existing audiences, the company had identified the need to engage with a completely new audience base that they weren’t currently engaging.

The Solution

Pointward began the collaboration with a thorough analysis of existing market research data and the facilitation of several in-depth focus groups. The information gathered allowed Pointward to identify and map out referral patterns and form relevant positioning and key messaging for the targeted audiences. Detailed journey maps were developed which demonstrated the customer’s path from procedure awareness through to advocacy.

Once the journey maps were complete and relevant messaging was established, Pointward focused on developing much needed sales education and training content. A comprehensive sales playbook and customer facing presentation were created for distribution at the national sales meeting.

The Results

“The sales playbook has become my #1 resource, my bible. I use it all the time.”
VP US Sales


Customer Journey Mapping, Key Messaging, Positioning, Sales Enablement, Strategy