Who We Are

We are an experienced team of medtech experts who believe exceptional customer engagement emerges from deeply informed strategy.

Our cross-functional approach doesn’t just bridge the gap between strategy and execution — it melds the two seamlessly, accelerating strategy, activating engagement and helping you achieve your goals. With us, there’s no lag between deciding what to do and getting it done.

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Who We Are

The Point Of Our Work

Medtech is complex, but our mission is simple. We help you align teams, activate intentional customer engagement and achieve better outcomes for your medtech initiatives.

Your Story Matters®. Our process drives it forward, from premise to product to profitability.

Teams, Aligned

Teams, Aligned

We have the expertise to align cross-functional team perspectives — so you can accelerate execution and drive intentional engagement with the people you need to reach the most.

Strategy, Accelerated

Strategy, Accelerated

Shrink your timeline and make the most of your resources. We specialize in fast-tracking strategy — aligning your key stakeholders and driving toward goals.

Engagement, Activated

Engagement, Activated

Don’t risk an unplanned experience or waste a customer touchpoint. We’ll connect your brand with your target audience through intentional experiences.

Goals, Achieved

Goals, Achieved

We never stop driving forward — with passion and persistence. We’re wired, like you, to make people’s lives better. Freer. More dignified. Let us partner with you to achieve your goals.

Cutting Edge Customer Engagement

We’ve driven results for global medtech and healthcare brands for over 45 years.

Our experts have launched products and built medtech solutions around the globe, with experience spanning from Latin America to Canada to Europe to Asia. We’ve worked on dozens of therapies with clients ranging from ambitious start-ups to well-established industry leaders.

The Pointward Conversation Engine started as a cutting edge customer engagement software platform in the early 2000s and was designed to track — conversation genomics — a person’s interaction with a brand at the individual level whether it was online, offline or in-person. Today, the Conversation Engine has evolved to be “platform agnostic” as the strategies, processes and technology components can now be adapted to a multitude of off-the-shelf solutions.


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