Aligning teams to gain insights into previously unidentified opportunities in regaining market share and creating a multi-year action plan for a new product launch.

Strategic Development Engagement

The Challenge

A multi-billion dollar, global healthcare company was preparing to launch a product in a space where they were currently playing catch up. Though their competition had not launched a product in several years, they had successfully established themselves as the gold standard and had become the market leader. This, coupled with the competition’s aggressive sales team and strong supporting clinical data, put our customer in a lagging position.

In addition to the external pressures, our customer’s internal attitude toward their own product was less than enthusiastic. Many on the team perceived the product as a “me-too” alternative, despite having equally effective outcomes and new, superior technology on the way.

The Solution 

Pointward assembled a multi-disciplinary team that included regulatory, clinical and customer engagement experts and facilitated our proven, strategic download process to gather input from all relevant stakeholders including research and development, regulatory, clinical, marketing, education, and sales leadership. 

The insights gathered during the strategy session uncovered a previously unidentified opportunity to implement a phased approach for our customer to regain market share and bridge the gap to their next product iteration. The first stage of this approach was to rebuild their brand in the operating room and re-establish their rightful place as a leader in the industry. In quick succession, Pointward recommended a pre-conditioning campaign to reinvigorate the existing product line which included proprietary technology that would be featured in the new product release and would clearly differentiate them from the competition.

The Results 

Pointward delivered an immediately actionable, multi-year plan designed to bridge the gap to the next product iteration and align marketplace positioning, messaging and customer engagement activities with clinical claims and data.

“We didn’t have the internal capability to do this, this solution is a best practice. This type of thinking should be applied to all of our go-to-market strategy going forward.”
Senior Global Marketing Director


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