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Do You Want Clicks or Conversations?

Marketers talk about customer engagement in terms of click-through or open rates, eyeballs, and web traffic.  But customer engagement is really about creating a deeply human and emotional connection to your brand.

It starts with conversation.

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Forget Personalization. Get Personal.

Conversations are two-way.  They begin with “hello.”  They end with “when do we get together next?”  Good conversations are give and take and require a sensitivity to the personality of your customer.

Conversations are comprised of three essential elements:


How receptive is your prospective customer to hearing from you?


What do you know about your customer and what do they know about you? What is their personality? How do they interact with others?


How do they respond to you?

Our competitors claim to use big data and predictive analytics to drive personalized content to customers.  Pointward uses personality science and big math to make your interactions personal.

Why Not Start Your Customer Contact With a Conversation?

B2B marketing uses email, direct mail, websites and other tools to drive leads through a sales funnel that ultimately winds up with a live salesperson for a first conversation.  What if you could start that conversation when your prospective customer first encounters your digital brand?

Pointward - Powering the Digital Conversation

Pointward is a customer engagement company focused on making experiences between you and your customers smarter – virtual conversations that lead to increased ROI. Using the Pointward Conversation Engine®, we combine a powerful and flexible software platform with personality science, advanced mathematics and creative storytelling for personalization on a level all its own. We will help you map each customer’s journey with your brand, creating intelligent conversations, both digitally and face-to-face.