The Best Platforms for Engaging with Medical Professionals

Engagement, Activated Through PPC

No one is immune to advertising, but when you’re trying to increase awareness or educate around a medical device, it can seem like physicians are in fact that — borderline elusive. Often, they’re extraordinarily busy, receive direct contact from a wide variety of sales reps at regular intervals and can sometime be overwhelmed when it comes to learning about medtech innovations.

So how do you reach these time-strapped prospects when the competition is fierce and their attention is limited? One of the answers is PPC: pay-per-click search and paid advertising on different social media and search platforms.

Is PPC Still Relevant?

PPC has been around a long time. But with the rise of Google search and social advertising, it has evolved more than enough to remain a staple in your marketing efforts. A 2019 stat from Disruptive Advertising says Google Ads and Facebook PPC Ads are the two largest advertisers on the Internet. To be exact, Google currently holds 37.2% of the digital advertising market, whereas Facebook holds 19.6%.

No other type of digital marketing has the direct targeting capabilities PPC has to offer. Reaching your audience where they already are makes it much easier to analyze what content is relevant to them, and prioritize your marketing endeavors accordingly. Add in the re-marketing capabilitiy, and there is no denying the value it can add to your strategy.

How Can PPC Help Me Move a Market?

A recent study by the Journal of Medical Research states that 61% of physicians are on social media and use it to research new information.

This makes PPC a critical piece of your integrated digital marketing strategy. Being there to guide the conversations happening online about your product when you can’t be face-to-face will support your revenue-driving efforts anywhere along the funnel. From awareness ads that introduce a new technology or procedure to lead generating ads that require prospects to submit their contact information to access a case study or offer, PPC advertising offers a direct line of access to relevant customers as quickly as you can get your ads approved and uploaded.

Which Platforms Should I Use?

Once you’ve decided to launch a PPC campaign, the next step is figuring out which platform is going to offer you the best return on your ad spend. While there are many PPC networks available — Bing, Yahoo and Twitter to name a few — this is where we choose to focus our paid online advertising efforts when targeting physicians.

Physician-focused Social Media Networks

While physician-focused social media networks like Sermo and Doximity do exist, they’re not open for digital advertising at this time. And with the advanced targeting options offered by platforms like Google Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn, that’s not a problem.

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