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We’ll take your digital brand from clicks to interactive conversations that drive true customer engagement.

Marketing That Drives Customer Engagement

Pointward’s laser-like focus on engagement helps you get personal with each customer by mapping their journey with your brand’s story, creating intentional experiences, and developing deeper conversations and customer engagement.

We offer end-to-end customer engagement services and world-class deliverables using the Pointward Conversation Engine, a software platform that integrates with your existing technology systems to drive engagement and ROI.

Are you gearing up to enhance a brand, launch a new campaign or product, or revitalize an existing product? We’ll work side-by-side with your team to develop and execute a strategy, with world-class deliverables, that gets noticed and jump-starts sales.

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Market Development

Pointward can help your brand achieve or maintain industry leadership by reaching new customers or continuously engaging your current customers. We work with you from strategy development through design and execution to deliver customized and highly effective customer engagement campaigns.

Lead Generation

Pointward supports and enhances the work of your sales team by identifying the best customers to approach, those who have expressed an interest in your solution and are ready for the call.

Product Training & Education

Pointward excels at turning complex information into easy-to-understand, accessible training and tools for companies seeking to educate employees and customers.

KOL Development and Social Engagement

Pointward helps you create a strategy to engage key opinion leaders (KOLs), capture their stories, and use their powerful messages to pique customer interest and earn more advocates.

Product Launch

Pointward’s team of experienced professionals has “lived” global product launches at Fortune 100 companies. We understand your needs, the sense of urgency and your challenges – and can craft and implement a compelling and successful launch.

Marketing Momentum Campaigns

Pointward can take your existing product, keep the momentum going after a launch or reinvigorate it in the marketplace. We will help you create and implement a strategy that highlights the one thing you have – that others cannot touch.

Brand Strategy

Pointward will analyze the market, clarify where your brand fits in and how it is reflected, and create a plan to differentiate you from the competition to reflect who you are and where you are going.

We Can Help You:

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Pointward - Powering the Digital Conversation

We are a customer engagement company focused on making experiences between you and your customers smarter – virtual conversations that lead to increased ROI. Using the Pointward Conversation Engine™, we combine a powerful and flexible software platform with personality science, advanced mathematics and creative storytelling for personalization on a level all its own. We will help you map each customer’s journey with your brand, creating intelligent conversations, both digitally and face-to-face.