From Personalization
To Getting Personal

Rev Up Your Customers with the Pointward Conversation Engine®


The Pointward Conversation Engine®, is a software platform that tailors your story to the right style, voice and timing for each individual customer. Offered as a full managed service or as an engine for your content management systems, the Conversation Engine is the next generation customer engagement technology that crushes response rates of typical email, nurturing, and other forms of digital marketing campaigns.

Forget Personalization. Get Personal.

Our competitors claim to use big data, machine learning, and predictive analytics to create personalized marketing campaigns. But how can you truly get to know someone without knowing something about their personality? The Pointward Conversation Engine tailors your story to the right style, voice and timing for each individual customer. We create engaging, interactive digital conversations using your existing brand assets to significantly increase customer engagement. Personalization is out, getting personal is in.

The Result? Turn Clicks into Conversations

The results speak for themselves. Email campaigns average an online click rate of 2.3% (DMA 2013). We call that a 97% failure rate. Pointward’s Conversation Engine averages an astonishing 25%+ conversation rate across all of our clients and all of our clients’ prospective and current customers.

Generate Better Leads, Build Brand Advocates, Get Key Opinion Leaders Talking

Pointward’s Conversation Engine builds more powerful customer engagement. Whether you are generating leads for your sales organization, influencing key opinion leaders, or building strong customer advocates, we can help you drive measurable results and marketing ROI.

Do I need the Pointward Conversation Engine®?

If you’re committed to customer engagement, the Pointward Conversation Engine will help you deliver on that promise. Our technology gives you the opportunity to create intelligent conversations with customers and the visibility to see what’s working and what’s not. You’ll be able to sense and respond, in a real-time way, to your customer’s interactions with you. And finally, you’ll be able to see (and prove) how your marketing and customer engagement efforts impact ROI.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting Started

Your story matters. Pointward starts every engagement with a complete understanding of business needs from every external and internal perspective. What do we know about our customers? What do they know about us? Why should they care? During a conversation, what should happen? Pointward’s Communication Alignment process is a very powerful tool to find the common ground between business goals and customer needs:



Use our Business Matrix to fully understand the market situation and all perspectives.



We help you define your competitive market place and identify gaps and opportunities.



Discover the best, most profitable customers to target for conversations.

More Than Pretty Pictures and Nice Words

Content is more than pictures and words. Think of “creative” as the expression of your story in a range of formats. Pointward plans every step of a multi-dimensional customer engagement ecosystem to raise awareness, promote understanding, create believability, spark trial and convert customers to strong advocates.

Pointward Customer Marketing Experience Map

Drive Your Conversation Rate

Creating conversations is what we do best. Let Pointward manage your customer engagement program to create intelligent conversations with your customers. See how your Conversation Engine is working at every level, from the overall program, to the segment, down to each individual customer.

Pointward Conversation Engine Dashboard
Pointward - Powering the Digital Conversation

We are a customer engagement company focused on making experiences between you and your customers smarter – virtual conversations that lead to increased ROI. Using the Pointward Conversation Engine®, we combine a powerful and flexible software platform with personality science, advanced mathematics and creative storytelling for personalization on a level all its own. We will help you map each customer’s journey with your brand, creating intelligent conversations, both digitally and face-to-face.