Pointward Customer Marketing Marketing Momentum Case Study

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Pointward Customer Marketing Marketing Momentum Case Study

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Pointward Customer Marketing Marketing Momentum Case Study

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A global technology company was ready to re-launch a product that had been on the market for nearly 20 years. The company had historically promoted the product using detailed technical data, study results and product specifications. Yet there were still potential customers who were not using the product. Despite the product’s superior technological benefits, the market wasn’t growing – enough. The company wanted to reach their targeted audience in a different, more engaging way that would resonate.


Pointward designed and implemented a campaign to differentiate the product by telling the stories of successful, recognized leaders in the field sharing why they use the product and how it helps their organization. The program featured a dynamic, measurable microsite with an impressive gamut of information (from new and existing sources) for the customer to read, watch and interact with online. The videos captured key opinion leaders’ passion as they talked about “why” they used the product instead of “what” it was. Pointward’s Conversation Engine® followed each customer as they interacted with the site to learn invaluable information.

In addition, Pointward developed a measurable system to connect marketing tactics like emails, print ads, and paid search through unique URLs which revealed the effectiveness of each tactic. The campaign included a multi-faceted customer communication plan and the integration of messaging for the company’s sales force.


Response rates to communications ranged from 4-8% while the conversation rate reached 23.1%. This was significant – the average benchmark click rate of 17 top market sectors is only 2.3%.(DMA 2013 Statistical Fact Book)  60% of downloads from the site were videos, validating the decision to invest in videos of key opinion leaders for this campaign and future marketing spends.

Campaign metrics identified clusters of customers from the same organization, which signaled potential high-interest companies for sales reps to focus their efforts. Response times for customers were much longer than the presumed 48-hour window; customers responded to emails long after the email landed in their inbox, with many in the 70 day range. According to the company, the campaign:

  • Delivered over $2 M in sales.
  • Generated an astounding return on investment of over 1,500%.
  • Was nominated for a prestigious internal marketing excellence award based upon the measurable ROI.

In addition, physician training increased, existing customers (not the target of this campaign) increased use of the product, and the company reported a much higher level of involvement from the sales force.

Project Scope

  • Marketing Momentum Campaign
  • Strategic Development
  • Campaign Design and Execution
  • Creative Development
  • Content Development

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