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13% conversation rate compared to healthcare marketing average of 1.8% click rate (DMA 2011 Statistical Fact Book)  

Brand Strategy that Deepens Relationships



A global manufacturer of advanced hearing instruments (hearing aids), has developed some of the most innovative breakthroughs in the hearing industry. But most customers didn’t know their story – or realize that their technology has been adopted by the rest of the industry. Compounding this problem, most hearing aid manufacturers are perceived to be the same, casting the industry into a commodity pricing structure. Pointward was asked to help them reach health professionals, share their innovation story, and make an emotional connection that would lead to increased revenue.


Pointward used its Market Development process to identify positioning, key messages, creative concepts and an approach that would make an emotional impact on audiologists. The message: When you help people hear better, we all look like heroes. Pointward designed and launched a campaign that included a dynamic microsite, an email nurturing campaign, a direct mail campaign, and online and print advertising. The Pointward Conversation Engine® tracked and measured the conversations, allowing the company to respond personally to each customer, all while building awareness and generating leads.


The digital conversation rate was over 13%, compared to the average benchmark response rate for Healthcare Marketing of 1.8% (DMA 2011 Statistical Fact Book). The increase in market awareness was significant, with an impression rate of 17:1 for audiologists in the U.S. over the last three campaign phases. The client reported deeper relationships with customers and prospects, citing positive emotional responses and increased learning about customer interests and preferences. In addition, they saw better internal communication between marketing and sales, leading to alignment of messaging.

Project Scope

  • Brand Strategy
  • Strategic Development
  • Content Development
  • Positioning and Key Messaging
  • Product Launch
  • Strategic Planning: Success Roadmap
  • Lead Generation
  • Strategic Core Creative

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