The Pointward creative team recently participated in the “Apart: Posters from a Social Distance” open-invitation poster series. The goal of the contest was to create something meaningful that reflected the designers’ experiences and expressions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The posters were then sold to raise funds for pandemic relief efforts. Our team was excited to contribute and grateful for the opportunity to put our skills to use and give back in a creative way.

Posters and postcards can be purchased through June 15th and 100% of the proceeds go to the COVID-19 relief fund. To date, they have raised over $13,000 and have 150+ designs to choose from. A virtual gallery opening is scheduled for June 12th, where participants can view the posters online with others, from the comfort of their own home.

The designs below were created by Dave Lantto, Penny Hammer, Jess Sorenson and Bill Gustafson with content inspiration from Marlene Nelson and Sandy Lien. These posters, along with many others, can be purchased here.

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